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If mayoral candidates David Catania and Carol Schwartz are going to beat Muriel Bowser, it won’t be by raising more money than the Democratic nominee. Campaign finance reports released last night covering June 11 to August 10 show Bowser outpacing her nearest rival by more than $500,000 in cash reserves.

Muriel Bowser

Raised: $511,160.52. Spent: $201,397.86. Cash on hand: $1,026,632.42.

Bowser’s post-primary fundraising spree continues, with contributions from Bill Clinton advisor Vernon Jordan ($750), Wizards and Capitals owner Ted Leonsis ($2,000), Donna Brazile ($200), and Warner Bros. ($1,000).

Bowser also received money from former first lady of the District Cora Masters ($1,000), companies controlled by controversial gas king Joe Mamo ($4,000), and $1,142.50 in in-kind contributions of food from councilmember and former Bowser rival Tommy Wells. Attorney general hopeful Karl Racine put $225,000 of his fortune into his own campaign, but still had enough to give $2,000 to Bowser.

In a press release touting her fundraising advantage, Bowser says her money shows that her campaign is “only getting stronger.”

That puts Catania campaign manager Ben Young in the position of comparing Bowser to other District pols—-like Bowser mentor Adrian Fenty—-who lost mayoral campaigns despite drowning their opponents in cash.

“You can’t buy a record, and fortunately you can’t buy votes,” Young says.

David Catania

Raised: $219,449.36. Spent: $105,172.52. Cash on hand: $464,983.75.

Catania didn’t get anywhere near beating Bowser in fundraising, but he still received contributions from some District heavies. Former Vince Gray re-election co-chair Judith Terra kicked in $1,000, and developer Douglas Jemal gave $1,000. Catania also received contributions from former councilmember and Catania campaign chairwoman Sharon Ambrose ($1,000) and prominent Dupont Circle haircutter Diego D’Ambrosio, who stocks Catania lit in the booths at his barbershop.

Appropriately for their reduced budget, Catania’s campaign also managed to spend nearly half of what Bowser did. Among Catania’s expenses: $960 on for sunscreen handouts that looked an awful lot like another thing regularly thrown out at District parades.

Carol Schwartz

Raised: $65,623.00. Spent: $15,248.44. Cash on hand: $50,374.56.

Schwartz got some help from Wilson Building lobbyist Tina Ang ($200) and some of her former D.C. Council colleagues, former chairwoman Linda Cropp ($300) and former Ward 8 Councilmember Sandy Allen ($200). But no one helped Schwartz more than herself, making a $33,000 loan to her campaign.

Photo by Darrow Montgomery