Top strategist Tom Lindenfeld off the Muriel Bowser campaign after being connected to Philly corruption case. [LL]

Bowser rival David Catania points out Lindenfeld’s role in earlier Bowser campaigns. [NBC4]

School policies loom for mayoral candidates. [Post]

Jeff Thompson crony Jeff Smith gets 60 days in jail for illicit Ward 1 campaign. [LL]

Colby King considers Smith’s evasions. [Post]

Vince Gray plans China trip. [Housing Complex]

Boundary changes could shake up District sports. [Post]

Retirements could stick police with a personnel shortage. [Post]

The D.C. fire department is a whole less tumultuous with interim fire chief in charge. [Times]

Lessons from living on D.C. streets. [WAMU]

Feds ask for an end to St. Elizabeths oversight. [WBJ]

Photo by Darrow Montgomery