Kaya Henderson
Kaya Henderson

Don Graham‘s family doesn’t own the Washington Post anymore, but he still shares the Post editorial board’s devotion to District schools chancellor Kaya Henderson.

In a Facebook post yesterday, the former Washington Post Co. CEO writes that he’s going to vote for Muriel Bowser because he thinks David Catania will be too tough on Henderson.

“Elect him and we know what’s coming: turnover today and probably more turnover tomorrow (since no one seems to satisfy David Catania except David Catania),” Graham writes.

Instead, Graham says he’ll vote for Bowser because she’ll keep Henderson and her staff in place.

Graham’s endorsement doesn’t came as much of a surprise. In February, Graham declared in a Post op-ed that Catania was a “bully” and the D.C. Council’s “leading micro-manager.”

Catania campaign manager Ben Young says his candidate welcomes a debate with Bowser or Graham on education policy. (After a summer-long dustup over when Bowser will debate, the candidates will face off first on Sept. 18.)

“Rather than name-calling in the press or online, if Mr. Graham or his endorsed candidate want to have a respectful and knowledgeable public discussion on education in the District, Councilmember Catania would be delighted to participate,” Young writes in an email to LL.

Graham’s backing comes at an awkward time in the mayor’s race for Bowser, with Graham citing Bowser’s support for Henderson, even as Bowser says she wants to cut the chancellor out of decisions over the school boundary changes. Mayor Vince Gray, no slouch himself on backing Henderson, calls excluding Henderson from boundary decisions “very unwise.”

Meanwhile, Graham’s former paper is undergoing some turnover of its own today.

Photo by Darrow Montgomery