Tom Lindenfeld (left) with Michael Brown in 2007 Credit: Photograph by Darrow Montgomery

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Tom LindenfeldMuriel Bowser advisor connected to Philadelphia corruption scandal, lost influence in the campaign over Olympics dispute. [Post]

Meet the many, many D.C. Council at-large candidates. [LL]

At-large candidate calls on elections board to investigate rival for fraud. [LL]

Attorney general Irv Nathan disputes story about whether he backed AG hopeful Karl Racine. [Washingtonian]

Post ed board criticizes government report on Relisha Rudd‘s disappearance. [Post]

Hot weather keeps District pools open after Labor Day. [Times]

D.C. developer gets into the newspaper game. [Housing Complex]

Pricey renovation can’t keep H.D. Woodson from closing over broken A/C. [Post]

Proposed DDOT rules would make biking on H Street NE much more difficult. [City Desk]

Big work ahead if city wants to avoid homelessness crisis in the winter. [Housing Complex]

Gay liaison unit members assigned to street patrol. [Blade]

Cabbies cited in passenger sting. [Post]

Photo by Darrow Montgomery