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For someone who insists that he’s running a viable campaign, mayoral candidate David Catania sure is reluctant to prove it. During the summer, Catania’s campaign showed LL a campaign-commissioned poll from July that put him in the “high single digits,” then refused to let LL get more specific about the results as a condition of sharing the poll.

That game continued last night, when Catania told supporters at a bar on 14th Street NW that he’s statistically tied with Democratic frontrunner Muriel Bowser in his campaign’s latest poll, but then declined to release the proof. Fox 5’s Matt Ackland first reported Catania’s supposed poll.

Even for a poll paid for by Catania’s campaign, the number that he purports to have seen, with the candidate behind Bowser by 3 percentage points and a +-3.5 percent margin of error, would be remarkable. A March Washington Post poll put Catania more than 30 percentage points behind Bowser.

Catania, cryptically, claims that likely third-place rival Carol Schwartz is separated from the frontrunners by “multiples” of 3 percent. The poll conducted by Clarity polling included more than 1,000 people, according to Catania. For now, though, LL will have to take his word for it—-along with all the skepticism that requires.

“We’re not going to release our internal information,” Catania tells LL. “Let others spend their own campaign money polling.”

Of course, all this speculation will end as soon as the first independent poll comes out. In the meantime: come on!