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Maybe Vince Gray had some moves after all. David Catania‘s mayoral campaign took a cue from the lame duck mayor’s primary effort today and bought a wrap cover ad over today’s copy of the free Express paper.

The front page—-which a passer-by might mistake for an actual Express story if they miss the tiny “advertisement” disclaimer—-touts Catania’s new 126-page platform. On the reverse, the ad asks where Democratic nominee Muriel Bowser‘s own plan is, complete with the same empty-chair illustration it used to criticize her earlier in the campaign.

As the Post‘s Erik Wemple noted when Gray’s campaign bought its own wrap, buying the front of the Express comes with several advantages, including its position across the District in newsboxes, hawkers’ vests, and on the floors of Metro cars. Catania campaign manager Ben Young says the ad cost $5,000.

But does the ad mislead voters by masquerading as an Express story?

“That’s for the journalism schools,” Young tells LL. “From my perspective, it’s a good place to get your message out.”

Photo by Will Sommer