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Mayoral rivals Muriel Bowser and David Catania are battling it out in radio spots on local radio stations, but the D.C. Republican Party says one of them isn’t playing fair. While the Bowser campaign has promoted one of its new positive spots in a fundraising email, Bowser’s campaign is less forthcoming about a purported negative ad that accuses Republicans—-and by implication, former Republican Catania—-of playing “dirty tricks.”

“If her political advisors are trying to make some innuendo reference to her other opponents, then they need to do it a lot better,” D.C. GOP chairman Ron Phillips says.

Phillips says two of the executives in his party were outraged to hear the ad this morning on WPGC 95.5 FM. Other listeners tell LL that they heard a similar ad. Bowser campaign spokesman Joaquin McPeek didn’t respond to multiple requests from LL for comment about the ad.

While the Republicans are running candidates in the D.C. Council chairman and at-large races, they don’t have a mayoral candidate. Phillips wants Bowser’s campaign to pull the ad from all radio stations and apologize. Phillips worries about what the ad means for a Bowser mayoralty.

“Perhaps she didn’t hear this particular ad,” Phillips says. “But when you’re the chief executive of a campaign, it’s like being chief executive of a city, and you’ve got to take responsibility.”

Photo by Darrow Montgomery