Jeff Thompson
Jeff Thompson

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Jeff Thompson associate involved in one of the former Medicaid contractors more ambitious schemes could get a light punishment thanks to his extensive cooperation with investigators. In court documents filed today, prosecutors ask for just a year of probation for Troy White, a marketer who operated a shadow campaign to boost Hillary Clinton‘s 2008 presidential ambitions on Thompson’s behalf.

In 2008, White approached Clinton’s campaign with an offer to run street teams to help her in Democratic primaries. Thompson ended up funding the off-the-books effort in Texas, Puerto Rico, and Pennsylvania, funneling a total of $608,750 to White through Thompson assistant Jeanne Clarke Harris.

As the federal investigation into Thompson and Mayor Vince Gray intensified, White took a guilty plea in September 2013. Along the way, prosecutors say in their new sentencing memo, White helped investigators pursue Thompson, who took his own guilty plea six months later, and unnamed three other people involved in the 2008 campaign who haven’t been charged.

White’s sentencing memo makes special mention of the cooperation White provided in pursuing “Individual A,” whose description resembles that of Clinton campaign advisor Minyon Moore. Prosecutors write that “Individual A” connected Thompson with White and helped illegally coordinate White’s street teams.

In a statement to LL, Dewey Square Group, Moore’s public affairs firm, says she has cooperated with investigators and didn’t know about any campaign crimes.

Just how much White’s cooperation paid off for him will become clear on Oct. 24, when he’s scheduled to be sentenced.

Photo by Darrow Montgomery