David Catania‘s record can only get him so far in the mayor’s race. [Post]

Another cabinet member leaves Vince Gray‘s administration. [LL]

Muriel Bowser once again tops the Mayoral Power Rankings. [LL]

More on Bowser’s platform [Post]

Yes, Jack Evans vandalized his own Wikipedia page. [LL]

Colby King considers Jeff Thompson and D.C. Appleseed. [Post]

Jim Graham unsatisfied with answers of missing girl Relisha Rudd. [WAMU]

Cops crack down on bike scofflaws. [WAMU]

Post ed board: pass new gun law, then try to make it unnecessary in court. [Post]

Police seek graffiti vandals. [Times]

AmeriCorps volunteers work in D.C. Public Schools. [Post]

Photo by Darrow Montgomery