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Is Sulaimon Brown, in addition to being a 2010 fringe mayoral candidate and the inspiration for the federal investigation into Vince Gray, suddenly a proponent of getting more women into office? LL has to wonder after seeing Brown’s new list of general election endorsements, in which he writes that “we need a women’s (sic) touch, men have run our city into the ground, now it’s time for women to pick it up and restore world class dignity and respect.” In the press release, Brown endorses for mayor Ward 4 Councilmember Muriel Bowser,whom he also endorsed during this spring’s Democratic primary.

Alas, Brown doesn’t mention what he thinks of the David Catania campaign’s claim that Carol Schwartz‘s mayoral run amounts to a repeat of Brown’s own illicit work for Gray’s campaign.

In the D.C. Council at-large race, Brown backs incumbent Councilmember Anita Bonds and Logan Circle wine bar owner Khalid Pitts.

Brown returns to candidates’ genders in his final set of endorsements, endorsing Lorie Masters for attorney general. Brown writes that he thinks Masters and Bowser will get along, “unlike [Masters’] male counterparts.”

Brown also reserves a special put-down for the three male attorney general candidates: Paul ZukerbergKarl Racine, and Edward “Smitty” Smith,

“Strong women are needed right now, not these three guys,” Brown writes.

In March, Bowser campaign manager Bo Shuff noted that, if nothing else, Brown’s endorsement represented another vote.

Sulaimon Brown’s endorsement press release:

For Mayor:

Muriel Bowser’s impressive performance over her competitors thus far shows she has the tenacity, brains, and brilliance to be mayor of the greatest city on the planet, Washington DC. Democrats and independents should continue to rally around her and give the city the victory. We need a women’s touch, men have run our city into the ground, now it’s time for women to pick it up and restore world class dignity and respect.

For Attorney General:

Lorie Masters, A women with passion, tenacity, and experience, to lead and fight for DC. Unlike her male counterparts, Lorie will probably work well with Muriel. She is A veteran insurance litigator and voting rights advocate.

Karl Racine, Edward “Smitty” Smith, and Paul Zukerberg if elected will be catastrophic for the District. The arrogance and self entitlement would probably create major unnecessary conflict with the next mayor. Even though Zukerberg fought for the race to be on the ballot, he still lacks the glue. Strong women are needed right now, not these three guys.

For At – Large City council:

Anita Bonds is my favorite. a strong well rooted Democrat who has the city’s best interest at heart. A consensus builder with a good sense of politics. She is the leader of our local Democratic party and a strong capable women. A vote for Anita is a good vote and one that counts.

Also for At – Large I’m lending support to Khalid Pitts. Khalid Pitts could be the voice of the average citizen on the council. He’s a small business owner who understands what it takes first hand what small businesses need to survive and thrive in the District of Columbia. The local small business in DC has to stay strong a vibrant and Mr. Pitts contribution is valuable in that area.

As a city we have reached the Rubicon. The question is, which way do we go?


Sulaimon Brown

Photo by Darrow Montgomery