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YouTube video

David Catania‘s mayoral campaign has been heavy on imagery, from a graphic meant to count rival Muriel Bowser‘s platitudes to materials that show Bowser as a marionette. Now he’s trying something new: using actual puppets.

In a new campaign video, a green contraption in a jaunty bowler hat meant to be the “political machine” that Catania claims is behind Bowser interviews a series of other puppets about why they’re supporting her.

One puppet describes the Ward 4 councilmember as “entrenched and established,” while a green monster (are those enfranchised in the District?) says she’s confused on neighborhood schools. At the end of the video, viewers are urged not to be “puppets” and back Catania instead.

“I think those little guys make some good points,” Catania campaign manager Ben Young says.

Young declined to comment on the wisdom of calling potential voters “puppets.”

The video even features what’s apparently a stand-in for Bowser supporter Phinis Jones, who’s embroiled in the Park Southern housing complex scandal. In the video, a businessman-type puppet bemoans that “that $20,000 will haunt me until I die.” Jones’ companies have given $20,000 to Bowser’s mayoral campaign.

Update, 1:45 p.m.: Bowser campaign spokesman Joaquin McPeek borrows from another puppet in his response to the ad, writing in an email to LL, “”It ain’t easy being green.”