David Catania had his fun with puppets yesterday, and now it’s time for mayoral rival Muriel Bowser to have her turn. Unhappy to see her voters compared to puppets—-including, in one case, a furry green monster puppet—-Bowser emailed supporters yesterday asking them to repudiate the ad, and chip in a little to her campaign along the way.

“Let’s leave the puppets to Saturday morning cartoons,” campaign spokesman Joaquin McPeek writes in the email, which also advises readers that “This isn’t Sesame Street.”

Read the full email below:

Recently our opponents came out and attacked you, the residents of the District of Columbia who know that we need new Democratic leadership in our Mayor’s office. They’re calling you “puppets” for standing up for middle class values, better schools, better jobs, and affordable housing across All 8 Wards. I don’t know about you, but if those are the values that our opposition thinks puppets hold, they need a serious reality check.

Will you stand up to the childish smear tactics of our opposition and contribute $14?

This isn’t Sesame Street. Our city faces real issues and needs real leadership. The District of Columbia’s residents deserve to have a Mayor who doesn’t treat them like children. We need strong Democratic values — not baseless attacks.

Show that you think our opposition is dead wrong to try to drag Muriel and this campaign into the mud by contributing $14 now!

Let’s leave the puppets to Saturday morning cartoons.

Joaquin McPeek

Communications Director
Muriel Bowser for Mayor