Edward “Smitty” Smith keeps racking up heavyweight endorsements in the attorney general race. Following his endorsement from the local AFL-CIO labor council endorsement last month, Smitty scored the Metropolitan Police Department’s union endorsement today.

In a statement from Smitty’s campaign, Fraternal Order of Police chairman Delroy Burton cites Smitty’s “experience working in significant positions of leadership.”

The police union endorsement is no guarantee of victory, as Mayor Tommy Wells will tell you. With less than a third of the union’s members living in the District, it also doesn’t bring votes. But in a race where more than half of voters don’t know for whom they’ll vote, the police union makes a nice addition to campaign lit.

Speaking of Smitty, his ethics pledge hasn’t caught on with his rivals—-but maybe that was the point. Following a debate in which rival Karl Racine called Smitty’s pledge a gimmick, his campaign’s 48-hour countdown clock for his rivals to take the pledge has run down.

Photo by Darrow Montgomery