Which candidate will crowd surf at the Loose Lips at-large debate tonight! There’s only one way to find out. 8:30 p.m. at the Black Cat. [LL]

DNC chairwoman campaigns for Muriel Bowser, says it’s not a sign that Bowser is sinking in polls. [LL]

Ward 8 ANC commissioner curses out, appears to shove man at rowdy meeting. [LLPost]

After landing Barack Obama‘s endorsement, Bowser leaves event before he can give her a nod in speech. [Post]

LGBTQ-focused Gertrude Stein club endorses EdwardSmitty” Smith for attorney general, Courtney Snowden for at-large. [LLMetro Weekly]

Vincent Orange reconsiders plan to honor boxer once convicted of domestic violence during Domestic Violence Awareness Month. [Post]

Bill that would seal records for non-violent marijuana crimes passes its first vote. [WAMUPost]

Snow clearing legislation could be held up over seniors and disabled. [WAMU]

Special ed bills pass the D.C. Council. [Post]

Where’d all the affordable housing go? Here. [Housing Complex, WAMU]

Metro Weekly interviews Catania. [Metro Weekly]

Carol Schwartz wants more media coverage. [DCist]

Deborah Simmons says…something about the mayor’s race. [Times]

Cabbies don’t do so hot in undercover stings. [City Desk]

Marion Barry had his parking ticket fees reduced. So why didn’t this Ward 8 resident? [Fox 5]

Photo by Darrow Montgomery