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Whether you’re a president popping into a local race or a national party chairwoman just working the phones, everybody wants their weekly Mayoral Power Rankings. 

1. David Catania

What: Last week, LL said that Catania had to start breaking out now if he was going to have any chance of beating Bowser. And now, he’s actually doing it. Catania’s campaign claims to have raised a total $1.1 million with more than $500,000 cash on hand ahead of tonight’s reporting deadline.

The report isn’t online yet, and Bowser’s campaign likely will report more cash on hand, but it’s more than enough money to stay in the race.

Why: This Karl Racine poll! Or perhaps LL should say this “poll,” because even Washingtonian, which reported on the purported survey that put Catania within four points of Bowser, seems to have been confused about its details. It’s enough to make Catania’s own mystery poll look like an FDA drug trial.

Power Rankings Momentum: Fleeting.

2. Muriel Bowser

What: This is the week Bowser took the mayor’s race national, grabbing an endorsement from Barack Obama and then making the District proud by ditching the president before he could give her a shout-out.

LL’s not sure how much Obama’s endorsement will help win votes for Bowser, though. If you’re one of the dwindling number of people for whom Obama’s endorsement matters, aren’t you voting for Bowser anyway?

Why: Obama’s endorsement is one thing, but LL thought pulling in DNC chairwoman Debbie Wasserman Schultz, who’s about to preside over a probable Democratic Senate loss, made Bowser’s campaign look worried about the state of the race.

Power Rankings Momentum: Stalled.


3. Carol Schwartz

What: Schwartz’s mayoral campaign stumbled along this week, with Schwartz coming off as testy in a Post profile. At this point in the mayor’s race, is there anyone left who doesn’t have a “temper” issue?

Schwartz’s campaign to regain her spot in the public eye, however, is going great. Sitting in the front row at Wednesday’s Loose Lips debate, Schwartz scored some positive mentions from the at-large candidates.

Why: With only two debates left with both of her opponents, much of Schwartz’s ability to continue affecting the race depends on how much money she has managed to raise in the past two months. Conveniently, we’ll find that out tonight as the candidates submit their campaign finance reports. Check LL tomorrow for the details.

Power Rankings Momentum: Stuck.

Honorable Mentions: Ward 3 Councilmember Mary Cheh, for being unimpressed by the leader of the free world. The Black Cat, for hosting a boisterous at-large debate.

Photos by Darrow Montgomery