The mayor’s race may be narrowing, but Muriel Bowser isn’t giving up her cash advantage. The Democratic nominee vastly outraised her opponents from Aug. 11 to Oct. 10, according to new campaign finance reports, giving her $1 million in cash to spend three weeks from Election Day.

Muriel Bowser

Raised: $721,977.40. Spent: $726,030.39. Cash on hand: $1,025,554.29. 

Despite a draining primary fight against Vince Gray, Bowser still has plenty of donors available for the general election. Among Bowser’s donors: companies owned by gas king Joe Mamo ($14,000), former Jeff Thompson business partner Michael Cobb ($100), Comcast ($2,000), and mustachioed ridesharing service Lyft ($2,000). PAC’s donated $11,500 to Bowser’s campaign, while defeated primary rival Reta Jo Lewis contributed another $151. The Lerners, the first family of Nats Park, gave Bowser a combined $4,500.

Bowser received help from Democrat pols’ campaign accounts, taking in donations from the campaigns of Atlanta mayor Kasim Reed ($2,000), Rep. Jim Moran (D-VA) ($2,000), and a personal contribution from Del. Eleanor Holmes Norton ($1,000). Bowser also received $100 from anti-violence activist and Peaceoholics co-founder Jauhar Abraham—-a contribution that should be news to the District government, which is trying to collect a nearly $640,000 judgment against him.

In expenses, Bowser’s campaign spent $37,500 with Hart research and $21,040 on bus ads. Sign king Scott Bishop has managed to pivot from his primary work for Jack Evans to land with Bowser, receiving $1,989.07 for sign work.

David Catania

Raised: $339,850. Spent: $241,527.93. Cash on hand: $562,063.33. 

Catania raised less than half of Bowser’s haul, but he received donations from lobbyist Heather Podesta ($500), former D.C. Chamber of Commerce head Barbara Lang‘s company ($1,000), two PACs ($3,000), and Republican D.C. Council chairman candidate Kris Hammond ($100). Catania’s campaign paid $6,000 to Clarity Campaign Labs, the firm that ran the poll that put Catania within the margin of error with Bowser.

Carol Schwartz

Raised: $35,551.00. Spent: $28,415.07. Cash on hand: $57,512.49.

Schwartz’s fundraising continues to lag behind her rivals, although she received contributions from former Council chairwoman Linda Cropp ($200) and the family of former District magazine baron Bill Regardie ($1,500). Schwartz loaned her campaign another $9,000 last Thursday.

Photo by Darrow Montgomery