The Washington Post editorial board is sticking with their candidate. After endorsing Muriel Bowser for mayor during the Democratic primary, the Post has an editorial today re-endorsing Bowser for the general election.

The endorsement isn’t particularly surprising, given editorial board writer Jo-Ann Armao‘s longtime feuds with David Catania over everything from education policy to her Montgomery County address. But the endorsement, which describes Bowser as a clear choice over her rivals who has become a stronger candidate after the primary, could still mean more votes for the Democratic candidate. (Or not: The Post backed Adrian Fenty in 2010, and look where that got him!)

The editorial is eager to dismiss Bowser’s rivals. Carol Schwartz, the unsigned editorial says, hasn’t explained why voters should back her. “Sentimentality cannot advance the District or the interests of its residents,” the editorial reads.

But most of the slams are reserved for Catania, who has frequently antagonized the editorial board as chairman of the D.C. Council’s education committee. The editorial criticizes Catania for everything from his opposition to the Nationals Park stadium deal to his temper to his campaign style, which the editorial board describes as “mean-spirited.”

Catania campaign manager Ben Young claims that the Post endorsement won’t affect the race.

“It’s unsurprising,” Young says. “It’s bizarre.”

Young’s criticism of the editorial extends to the editorial board members themselves, who he paints as Montgomery County residents who aren’t really invested in District schools.

“They don’t live here, they don’t pay taxes here,” Young says. “They just like to tell us how to live our lives in 250 words or less.”

Photo by Darrow Montgomery