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Muriel Bowser claims she’s not worried about a Scandal-themed mailer rival David Catania sent out about her over the weekend.

“A campaign that resort to negative attacks in the last two weeks is a campaign that’s desperate,” Bowser said this morning on NewsChannel 8.

The mailer features the lowlights of Bowser’s associations: former advisor Tom Lindenfelder‘s ties to a Philadelphia corruption investigation and fundraisers embroiled in the Park Southern housing complex scandal. Bowser is cast as Scandal crisis manager Olivia Pope—-or worse, one of her clients.

“I heard a lot from people about my opponent’s negative campaign, and it’s not swaying any voters,” Bowser said. “Actually what it’s doing is turning people off.”

Catania campaign manager Ben Young remains confident in the mailer, which he says shows voters what a Bowser mayoral term would look like.

“She certainly didn’t dispute the accuracy of the piece,” Young says.

Photo by Will Sommer