LL grabs every candidate’s literature in the hope that one of them will turn out to contain something fishy. With D.C. Council at-large candidate Khalid Pitts, LL hit paydirt.

New Pitts literature features the wine bar candidate hanging out with at-large councilmember Anita Bonds. LL thought this was weird, since Bonds is officially Pitts’ competitor, even as her Democratic nomination all but guarantees that she’ll win one of the two available at-large seats.

Confirming LL’s suspicions, Bonds says she hasn’t endorsed Pitts. Instead, Bonds said that she “loves everybody who wants to give back to this great city.” So great news, anyone who isn’t actively sabotaging the District: You’ve got Anita Bonds’ support. Asked whether she’ll tell Pitts to take her name off of his literature, Bonds just shrugged.

Pitts’ literature goes further, describing Bonds in bullet points as one of his “supporters” along with people like former NAACP president Ben Jealous, who actually has endorsed Pitts. Anyone looking at the palm card would think that Bonds has endorsed Pitts too.

Pitts defends his lit, alluding to unnamed events this week that will make the situation more clear.

“I don’t feel disingenuous about what I did,” Pitts says.

Photo by Will Sommer