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Lorie Mastersfirst TV ad in the attorney general race promoted herself, but this time, she’s going after he opponents. In what’s basically a 30-second version of the press conference she did a week ago to dump dirt on her opponents, Masters’ new ad criticizes opponents Paul Zukerberg and Karl Racine.

The ad, which the campaign says will run on WJLA and NBC4 this week, reiterates the claims that Zukerberg doesn’t have enough experience and that Racine’s law firm overbilled the government.

When Masters debuted her attack last week, Zukerberg responded that he was the candidate to take on the District with a lawsuit to keep the race in 2014. Sean Rankin, a consultant for Racine, said at the time that Masters’ own firms likely had some overbilling issues of their own.

Here’s the script. See if you can catch Vince Gray‘s cameo:

Paul Zukerberg never managed a big law firm. Karl Racine managed a law firm that over billed the government more than $500,000. The IRS filed a tax lien on Racine’s 2006 return. Racine was handpicked by Gray’s political machine. D.C. needs change from corruption and insider deals.

Lorie Masters is that change. She’s independent, experienced, and committed. Lorie Masters for attorney general. The right experience, the right choice.