The race to be the District’s next mayor will be settled in five days, but what about the guy who’s been holding things down for the past four years? The unstoppable Michael Neibauer brings the news that Vince Gray‘s office has requested bids for a booklet celebrating the mayor’s accomplishments right as he’s set to leave office.

The Gray administration isn’t shy about tooting its own horn, as the palm cards passed out at mayoral events promoting the District’s “hip city” ranking prove. But this booklet—-“a detailed report of the Gray Administration Accomplishments”—-promises to be on a whole new level.

The roughly 60-page, soft-cover booklet—-printed on soy ink and made out of recycled paper, natch—-is due out Dec. 15. To make it easier for booklet owners to think fondly of Gray, the booklet will have an appendix listing accomplishments like playground renovations and firehouse modernizations by ward. Perhaps most intriguingly, the Office of Cable Television is working on a video to go along with the accomplishments book.

Laugh if you want, but you’ll be glad you got your copy when it’s 2026 and Mayor Paul Strauss erases all memory of Gray from existence.

Photo by Darrow Montgomery