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What are you giving out tonight? LL is giving trick-or-treaters the ultimate treat: Mayoral Power Rankings.

1. David Catania

What: The polls and money aren’t there. Neither are the pop-star endorsements. But LL thinks Catania can get it within single digits, even if he almost certainly won’t win.

Why: Catania’s campaign claims that they have the one thing that would save their candidate: polls showing him to be competitive with Bowser. And yet, those polls are nowhere to be seen. The campaign even commissioned a new tracking poll in the latest campaign finance reports.

Power Rankings Momentum: Rising.

2. Muriel Bowser

What: How big does Bowser need to win Tuesday to look like she succeeded with more than her Democratic nomination? Have your say in the comments.

Why: Of all the councilmembers praising Bowser at her Ward 7 GOTV rally last Saturday, LL liked Marion Barry‘s promise to “kick David Catania’s ass” best. Just to show he wasn’t kidding, he repeated it three times.

Power Rankings Momentum: Falling.

3. Carol Schwartz

What: For her penultimate week in the race, Schwartz accuses Bowser of getting a sweetheart deal on her Georgia Ave. NW office.

Why: If Bowser wins, which other candidates’ “victory” party will more approximate Vince Gray‘s Empty Ballroom of Doom?

Power Rankings Momentum: Mired.

Honorable Mentions: Big Wax and Ron Moten, because of courseLorie Masters, who has turned the attorney general race into a Friars Club roast. Barry, for going on an endorsement spree. Teens excited to get to their polling places.

Photos by Darrow Montgomery