In with the elected attorney general, out with the appointed one. A day after Karl Racine handily won the race to be the District’s first elected attorney general, attorney general Irv Nathan is clearing the way for him by submitting a resignation letter to Vince Gray.

Nathan’s tenure will end on Nov. 17. In an email sent this afternoon to Office of the Attorney General staff, Nathan says he’s timed his exit to help the transition for Racine, who he says will be “excellent” as attorney general.

Nathan’s resignation letter to Gray, embedded below, includes a list of Nathan’s favorite accomplishments while in office. Among them: suing Options Public Charter School for alleged self-dealing, suing disgraced ex-Councilmember Harry Thomas Jr. for stealing from kids, and reshaping the troubled Children and Youth Investment Trust Corporation.

LL notes that Nathan’s on-and-off feud with U.S. Attorney Ron Machen over documents related to shadow campaign financier Jeff Thompson didn’t make the highlights.

Nathan didn’t make as many enemies as irascible Adrian Fenty-era AG Peter Nickles. But he still lists possibly his most controversial act—-his successful fight against the 2013 budget autonomy referendum—-as one of his “significant victories.”

Nathan declined to comment to LL on his future plans.

Photo by Darrow Montgomery

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