Move over, “One City,” there’s a new mayoral slogan in town. Less than 24 hours after winning office last week, Near Mayor Muriel Bowser unveiled her transition motto: “We Are Washington D.C.”

As a slogan, Bowser’s choice is somehow even more empty of statement than “One City,” the 2010 Vince Gray campaign slogan that lives on in the lapel pins of administration staffers. Of course we’re Washington, D.C. But Bowser insists to LL that the slogan is a statement about the District’s diversity.

Unlike Gray, whose devotion to “One City” after winning election got him into trouble with councilmembers who weren’t thrilled that he was plastering his campaign slogan all over the government, Bowser has ditched her “All 8 Wards” campaign slogan in favor of this new one.

“We Are Washington D.C.”‘s reign atop the catchphrase pile may be short, though. Bowser wouldn’t say whether she plans to keep the slogan for her administration, starting in January.

“We’re definitely going to see it for the next two months,” Bowser says.

Photo by Will Sommer