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Deep-pocketed types will have one more chance to get in good with Almost Mayor Muriel Bowser. Bowser has registered her “D.C. Proud” inaugural committee, meaning that the chance has come to bankroll the Green Team’s return to power.

While Bowser’s transition committee has accepted $300,000 in public money and is thus unable to take private money, her inaugural committee can rake it in. Wealthy developers should prepare to pony up—-the maximum contribution is $10,000. (That’s downright cheap compared to 2010, when a company owned by sports baron Ted Leonsis gave $50,000 to Vince Gray‘s transition).

If history is a guide, Bowser’s bash won’t come cheap. Vince Gray‘s committee spent more than $700,000 on his inauguration (including $126,931 on carpeting!), while Bowser mentor Adrian Fenty spent $500,000. Bowser transition spokesman Joaquin McPeek declined to comment on how much the inaugural committee, run by former Bowser campaign manager Bo Shuff, aims to raise.

Unlike Vince Gray‘s inaugural committee, which took nearly a year to report its full donors and expenses, new rules require Bowser’s committee to regularly report its financials. The first numbers are due on Dec. 10, according to Office of Campaign Finance spokesman Wesley Willis.

Photo by Darrow Montgomery