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There’s more competition for Muriel Bowser‘s Ward 4 D.C. Council spot. In an email to supporters yesterday, former at-large candidate Pedro Rubio announced that he’ll run for the seat.

“When the Ward 4 seat becomes vacant, I will declare my candidacy,” Rubio, who came in fourth in April’s at-large race, writes in an email to LL. (He contacted LL before news broke that A.J. Cooper, who had already declared, had died suddenly Wednesday morning.)

Today, the D.C. Board of Elections scheduled the Ward 4 special election on April 28, the same day as the Ward 8 vote to replace the late Marion Barry. Rubio could face a long list of hypothetical candidates, from former at-large hopefuls Graylan Hagler and Robert White to likely Bowser favorite Brandon Todd.

In an email to potential supporters, Rubio touts a long list of issues, from reopening ward middle schools to fighting human traffickers.

Rubio’s entry is good news for District burnouts—-in a March at-large debate, Rubio said he wanted to promote skateboarding in bike lanes.

It’s not clear how many non-skateboarding voters would come out for Rubio, though. In the April primary, he came in fourth city-wide. He didn’t perform much better in his own ward, where he again came in fourth with 8 percent of the vote.

Photo courtesy Pedro Rubio