Credit: Darrow Montgomery

Congressional deal stops marijuana legalization. [City DeskPostWAMUPost, City Desk]

Muriel Bowser picks Alexandria’s Rashad Young to be her city administrator. [LLPost]

Elissa Silverman won’t use a D.C. Council license plate or hand out special ones to her supporters. [LL]

Developer won’t be able to close part of 395 after all. [Housing Complex, WAMUPost, PostPost]

Nominate the best District politics quotes of 2014. [LL]

Firefighter involved in Medric Mills case canned after not showing up to work. [Post]

Group courts Bowser with online survey. [Post]

Reliability questions loom ahead of Pepco merger. [WAMU]

Bowser appears in Olympic bid video. [WBJ]

So does Newt Gingrich. [Roll Call]

Once-controversial member of the Kennedy clan wins a spot on an ANC. [Post]

Vince Gray will be on hand to receive the District’s first piece of Walter Reed property. [WBJ]

Potomac Prep wants to keep its charter. [WAMU]

Read the program from Marion Barry‘s memorial. [Post]

Tied ANC race will come down to a “casting of lots.” [WAMU]

Education activist: don’t kill the education committee. [GGW]

Photo by Darrow Montgomery