Marion Barry at Vince Gray's  swearing in January 2011
Marion Barry at Vince Gray's swearing in January 2011

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Marion Barry‘s memorial services ended last weekend, but there’s no shortage of ideas for how to continue honoring the late mayor and councilmember. Vincent Orange wants to add Barry’s name to both the D.C. Council chamber and the University of the District of Columbia. Two members of the politically wired Chavous family want H Streets NE and NW, along with Benning Road NE, renamed for the mayor-for-life.

Hold up, says Still Mayor Vince Gray. Comparing the rush of Barry tribute ideas to a floated plan to rename West Virginia “Kennedy” after the John F. Kennedy assassination, Gray says he’s opting instead to create a new committee to consider what to rename.

“Otherwise, we’ll be all over the place with this,” Gray said at an afternoon press conference.

It’s not clear how much Gray’s committee can get done before he leaves office. Still, Gray has one Barry tribute in mind before he leaves office: adding Barry’s name, via executive order, to the Mayor’s Youth Leadership Institute.

Gray declined to offer estimates on how much Barry’s memorial celebrations, which included motorcades and space in the Walter E. Washington Convention Center, cost the District government. The mayor’s office plans to release a list of expenses for the memorials soon, according to Gray.

Photo by Darrow Montgomery