SAT analogy practice time! Adrian Fenty is to Near Mayor Muriel Bowser as Muriel Bowser is to… _____.

If you picked Brandon Todd, you win. Not as much as Todd looks slated to do in Ward 4, though, where Bowser has picked her former campaign finance director to replace her on the D.C. Council just as Fenty anointed her in 2007. Todd has turned in the first campaign finance report of next April’s special election cycle, and it proves, as if LL needed more evidence, that it doesn’t hurt to have a mayor-elect on your side.

Just three days after picking up nominating petitions, Todd reports raising a whopping $51,200.

Todd’s many rivals for the seat don’t have to publish their own financials until next year because they created their bank accounts too close to the reporting deadline. Still, raising $50,000 in less than a week bodes well for Todd.

Todd’s donors include the kind of deep-pocketed people who can keep his money machine going—-the lobbyist David Wilmot‘s law firm ($500) and developers like Herb Miller ($500) and Chris Donatelli ($500). Also kicking in: fellow ex-Bowser staffer LaRuby May, who’s competing in the special election for Marion Barry‘s Ward 8 seat.

A press release from Todd’s campaign commits, in traditional Green Team fashion, to a rigorous door-knocking schedule. In the release, Todd campaign chairman Darryl Wiggins calls the rapid fundraising “an incredible feat.”

Bowser tells LL that the sizable haul reflects enthusiasm for Todd’s campaign. And all this supposedly without much help from the mayor-elect.

“I haven’t made a single fundraising call,” Bowser says.

Photo by Darrow Montgomery