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At her Jan. 2 inaugural ball, Near Mayor Muriel Bowser will party the way that only someone who’s been waiting to be mayor for 21 months can. Some of the deepest pockets in the District are eager to help out.

In less than a month, Bowser’s inauguration committee has raised more than $800,000. That number includes more than 70 donations that hit the $10,000 maximum donation limit.

Who’s giving so generously to Bowser’s party fund? Roughly a third of the $10,000 contributions come from District developers, while nearly a fifth came from healthcare companies. The inaugural fund’s top donor list reads like a list of people who will be asking favors from the Bowser administration, including the firm owned by superlobbyist David Wilmot, aspiring merger partners Exelon and Pepco, lobbying firm Holland & Knight, and would-be Virginia Avenue tunnel user CSX.

Fedora’d Top Chefer Spike Mendelsohn‘s event company gave Bowser’s committee a $10,000 in-kind contribution, while Old Post Office mogul Donald Trump cheaped out and contributed only $5,000.

As of Dec. 10, Bowser’s committee had more than $810,000 in its bank account. That should be more than enough to fund the inauguration—-Still Mayor Vince Gray‘s 2010 inauguration cost more than $700,000, while Adrian Fenty‘s inauguration cost around $500,000.

Bowser’s inaugural schedule includes more than the Jan. 2 party, set to start at 7 p.m. at the Walter E. Washington Convention Center. Bowser’s inaugural committee is also planning a “kids party” and, ambitiously, a 5K run on New Year’s Day.

Photo by Darrow Montgomery