Marion Barry at Muriel Bowser's Victory Party, November 2014

Ward 8 field gets bigger, could pull in Marion Barry‘s son. [LLPost]

United Medical Center teamed up with Howard University hospital and its turnaround partner. [PostWBJ]

New debt backs D.C. United stadium plan. [WBJ]

Wilson Building staffers walk out in “Black Lives Matter” protest. [Post]

District gets out from under special ed lawsuit. [Post]

Report: D.C. FEMS radios are now encrypted. [Statter911]

More on Phil Mendelson‘s plan to send marijuana law anyway. [City Desk]

Dupont Underground project gets a lease. [Housing Complex]

Cathy Lanier: Ferguson protests are straining police resources. [City Desk]

New HIV/AIDS cases are way down. [WAMU]

Photo by Darrow Montgomery