Jeff Thompson
Jeff Thompson

LL likes to think that, if he were busted running shadow campaigns all over the country, he might lay low for a while. But that’s exactly the sort of small thinking that illicit campaign financier Jeff Thompson rejects. As the crimopolitical kingpin awaits sentencing, he’s decided to sue the District government for $80 million.

In a lawsuit filed on Dec. 31, Thompson alleges that District employees schemed to make off with his cash cow, city Medicaid contractor D.C. Chartered Health Plan.

In Thompson’s version of the scheme, the District, along with outside firms, Chartered’s post-Thompson rehabilitator, and insurance commissioners worked to wreck the company by setting bogus rates. The parties then handed off the cash-strapped company to “politically favored” rival AmeriHealth after the FBI started investigating Thompson’s shadow campaign to elect Vince Gray mayor.

Both the Office of the Attorney General and lawyers for Thompson’s holding company declined to comment on the new lawsuit.

Thompson’s claim that the District underpaid Chartered is backed up by the city’s 2011 settlement with his firm over rates, which has itself become a subject of federal investigation.

Still, Thompson’s claim that the District helped wreck Chartered’s finances isn’t without irony, given that Thompson himself is being sued for funneling money out of Chartered with mystery contracts.

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Photo by Darrow Montgomery