As many as 24 people could face off in the April 28 special election for the Ward 8 D.C. Council seat. But only one of those candidates will literally have the name of the ward as part of their own name. Ex-State Board of Education member Trayon White has asked the D.C. Board of Elections to list him as Trayon “WardEight” White on the ballot.

Via email, White says people started calling him “Ward Eight” a few years ago after a rally.

“It became very popular on Facebook so I kept it,” White writes. “I am the real WardEight candidate.”

White can list his supposed nickname because of DCBOE rules that allow candidates to appear on the ballot with whatever name they want. (The same rule meant former attorney general candidate Edward Smith could appear as Edward “Smitty” Smith.)

White rival Sandra Seegars—-who herself will appear on the ballot with nickname “S.S.”—-doesn’t think White’s Ward 8-friendly name on the ballot will help him win votes.

“It doesn’t make sense,” Seegars says.

Photo by Darrow Montgomery