When the District’s IT office purged Vince Gray‘s “One City” slogan from D.C. websites ahead of Muriel Bowser‘s inauguration, they didn’t give government webmasters a replacement phrase to mark the start of the Bowser era.

But now, the District’s month without a city slogan is mercifully at an end. At a breakfast this morning with councilmembers, Bowser said she’s adding transition slogan “We Are Washington DC” to the “logo set” for government materials.

That should be more palatable than “One City” to councilmembers who bristled after Gray turned his campaign slogan into the whole government’s slogan. Notably, “Fresh Start,” the more aggressive Bowser slogan beloved of her appointees, apparently isn’t making the jump to the logo set.

But does Bowser’s new catch phrase mean anything? LL’s dubious—-of course we’re Washington D.C. When LL asked Bowser about her strikingly obvious slogan in November, she claimed that it means something about diversity.

Despite being about as substantial as a Georgetown cupcake, “We Are Washington DC” has already made it big: it’s been parodied. The D.C. Fair Budget Coalition plays off Bowser’s slogan in their new budget report, griping that “many of us included in that pronoun have a long way to go.”

Hey, no one ever said the slogan game was easy.

Photo by Will Sommer