The District faces a $80 million budget shortfall for the 2015 fiscal year, but that hasn’t stopped some of Muriel Bowser‘s top staff from making as much—-and in one case more—-than their Vince Gray administration predecessors, according to new salary figures released by her administration. At the same time, several Bowser department heads make less than their Gray counterparts.

City administrator Rashad Young is the best compensated Bowser appointee, pulling in $295,000 a year, the same as Gray city administrator Allen Lew. It’s a hefty raise for Young over his last job as Alexandria’s city manager, where he was hired in 2011 at $245,000. The salary information comes after Bowser was accused of dragging her feet on releasing the numbers.

Bowser chief of staff John Falcicchio lives up to his “Johnny Business” nickname, receiving $198,500 a year—-more than $8,000 more than Gray chief of staff Chris Murphy, who made $190,002.95 in 2014. Bowser senior advisor Beverly Perry, a key transition player who oversees Bowser’s legislative and statehood offices, makes $198,500 a year as well, although her position doesn’t have an analogue in Gray’s administration.

Not every Bowser staffer is making as much or more as their Gray predecessor. Top Bowser flack Michael Czin makes $125,000, compared to Gray spokeswoman Doxie McCoy‘s $144,200 in 2014. Office of Contracting and Procurement boss Nancy Hapeman makes $6,000 less than former director James Staton. Bowser budget director Matthew Brown pulls in $170,000, while predecessor Eric Goulet made $177,662. As the Post notes, the average salary for employees in the Executive Office of the Mayor, the Office of the City Administrator, and deputy mayors’ offices has fallen by roughly $15,000 from the end of the Gray administration.

Which isn’t to say that everyone made a bad move for their bank accounts by signing on with Bowser. Tommy Wells, now running the Department of the Environment, makes $167,000—-compared to the $132,990 he made as the Ward 6 councilmember.

Photo by Darrow Montgomery