Ward 4 frontrunner Brandon Todd
Ward 4 frontrunner Brandon Todd

It pays to have the mayor on your side. Ward 4 special election candidate Brandon Todd easily outraised his rivals in December and January, according to fundraising numbers released last night, thanks in part to an endorsement from former boss Muriel Bowser.

Todd, who raised more than $50,000 in three days after entering the race, brought in a whopping $231,541.00 from mid-December to the end of January. With $15,568.23 spent, Todd enters the last three months before the April 28 election with $267,172.77 cash on hand.

Todd, who fundraised with Bowser last week, has already brought in many of the deep-pocketed businessmen and corporations who can finance his campaign. Gas baron Joe Mamo kicked in $1,000 through his businesses while councilmember-turned-lobbyist John Ray put in $500. They’re joined by a number of real estate developers.

Not all of the 14 other Ward 4 candidates turned in their finance reports by last night’s deadline, but the ones who have have less than a tenth of Todd’s cash on hand. Todd’s best financed competitor, Leon T. Andrews, raised $25,910, while candidate Dwayne Toliver brought in $12,275, including a $5,000 personal loan. Former at-large candidate Pedro Rubio brought in $9,038.59—a number that would be more impressive if he hadn’t given his campaign nearly $8,500 himself.

Correction: This article originally stated that Pedro Rubio loaned his campaign nearly $8,500. He gave the money as a contribution. 

Photo by Will Sommer