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The D.C. Council has stayed mostly silent on Chicago-based Exelon’s attempted purchase of Pepco. But election-minded pols might want to fight the deal, according to a new poll commissioned by a group that’s opposed to the takeover.

The automated phone survey by political consulting firm Crossroads Campaigns, commissioned by anti-merger coalition Power D.C., found 43.7 percent of respondents opposed to the merger, while 50.3 percent said they didn’t have an opinion about it. Only 6 percent approved of it. The poll has a +/- 4 percentage point margin of error.

Delvone Michael, the director of Power D.C. coalition member D.C. Working Families, says the poll shows that District residents aren’t behind the takeover.

“The people in Southeast and Northeast are just getting crushed [by electricity prices], and it’s only going to get worse for people,” Michael says.

Exelon spokesman Paul Elsberg doesn’t believe it. In an email to LL, Elsberg sends along a list of supporters and questions its backers. Limiting the survey to likely voters, Elsberg points out, cuts out a number of Pepco customers.

“The poll was conducted for a group that opposes the merger not by an independent, unbiased surveying organization, but a political consulting firm that also has publicly opposed the merger,” Elsberg writes.

Photo by Darrow Montgomery