There are a few faces that repeatedly pop up on District lampposts: the superhero guy, that guy with the fancy hat and fur coat. Now there’s a new contender in the city’s sticker scene: a black-and-white depiction of Mayor Muriel Bowser, with the word “CONDOS” under her face.

Jack on Fire, a District punk band that has written songs about aborting a congressman and burning down the Brixton, tells LL that they printed up the stickers. Via Twitter direct message, the band, whose frontman goes by the pseudonym “Jack,” says the group made the stickers in response to Bowser quashing former Mayor Vince Gray‘s Institute for Contemporary Expression deal, which would have turned the city-owned Franklin School property into an art museum. The stickers have gone up around the Franklin School and the Wilson Building.

Bowser might protest the condo connection, since the other competitors for the school were offices and a boutique hotel. But at least her sticker campaign is nicer than the one aimed at Ward 1 councilmember  Brianne Nadeau.

Photo by Will Sommer