Nate Bennett-Fleming
Nate Bennett-Fleming

Nate Bennett-Fleming just can’t make this D.C. Council thing happen. Last year, he ran in the Democratic at-large primary, only to get walloped by incumbent Anita Bonds. He seemed to have a better chance of winning in the crowded Ward 8 special election field, but now the District’s former shadow representative tells LL that he’s leaving the race.

The reason: one of his opponents has way too much cash. Muriel Bowser favorite LaRuby May had raised more than $177,000 as of Jan. 31, the last filing deadline. She’s no doubt added even more since then. Bennett-Fleming, meanwhile, reported raising no money at all—-a surprising flop for an experienced campaigner. Even in a race where May has outpaced even her best-financed opponents for nearly triple digits, Bennett-Fleming looked to have slim prospects if he stayed in.

Bennett-Fleming’s exit leaves only 15 candidates (aw!) competing to replace the late Marion Barry on April 28. Along with May, likely frontrunners include Vince Gray-backed candidate Sheila Bunn, Ward 8 Democrats president Natalie Williams, and Barry’s son, Marion C. Barry.

Check back on March 10, when new campaign finance report filings should reveal more on who in this scrum will manage to come out on top.

Photo by Darrow Montgomery