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Of all of Brandon Todd‘s advantages over his Ward 4 opponents, he’s perhaps most helped by his endless stacks of money. With nearly $270,000 cash on hand as of Jan. 31, Todd’s campaign could buy a decent-sized condo and still have enough left over to win.

Now one of his opponents wants to use Todd’s money against him. In a new mailer, candidate Renee Bowser (no relation to D.C.’s mayor) declares that “powerful insiders are spending big to buy Brandon Todd.”

On the other hand, in the mailer’s telling, Bowser “can’t be bought.”

Most of Bowser’s mailer focuses on Todd’s use of the LLC contributions loophole before it closed on Jan. 31. Todd took in $24,000 from LLCs that appeared to share the same ownerships, a loophole that allowed the businesses to legally skirt maximum contribution limits. Bowser names two Todd donors in the mailer, including gas station magnate Joe Mamo.

If that was too subtle for you, Bowser’s mailer also has a picture of a grinning Todd with a name that says, “Hello! I’m…For Sale.”

“With all that money coming from powerful special interests, who will Brandon Todd really represent?” the mailer reads.

Todd spokesman Everett Hamilton didn’t comment directly on the mailer’s claims, saying instead via email that Todd is “running a positive campaign.”

Photo courtesy Renee Bowser