Ousted Mayor Vince Gray made what LL thinks is his first media appearance since leaving office this morning on NewsChannel8, where he talked about the resignation of archnemesis (and U.S. Attorney) Ron Machen.

“Obviously, I wish that this were over with,” Gray said of the investigation into his 2010 campaign. “I have made it abundantly clear that I didn’t do anything in that situation.”

What does Gray do when he’s not being hounded by feds? Reading, writing, and housework, according to the ex-mayor.

Gray has not picked up the kind of cushy nonprofit or university gig that usually awaits mayors who aren’t facing a spell in the pen. Still, Gray, who’s racking up legal bills from one of the most prominent defense attorneys in the country, said he didn’t think the now 4-year-old investigation had affected his employment prospects.

Photo by Darrow Montgomery