Rep. Jason Chaffetz, potential PAC target
Rep. Jason Chaffetz, potential PAC target Credit: Photo by Darrow Montgomery

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You mess with the District, you get the horns. Or so hopes Not Your District, a new PAC aimed at ousting congressmen who try to overturn District laws.

Capitol Hill resident Justin Robinson launched Not Your District, which has just a couple hundred dollars so far (including $200 raised online). Robinson, inspired to start the PAC after Rep. Andy Harris (MD) tried to block marijuana legalization last summer, hopes to run ads against politicians who try to overturn or defund local District laws.

“Outside of moving to someone else’s district and voting against them, this seemed like it would have the best effect,” Robinson says.

Robinson won’t release the names of potential targets yet, although, between congressional meddling in legalization and last week’s attempts to overturn more District laws last month, there are a lot of choices. Robinson hopes to have the PAC running in time to run ads in 2016 primaries.

“There’s no shortage of people for us to go after,” Robinson says.

Photo by Darrow Montgomery