One-time Office of Veterans Affairs Director Hugh L. Elmore Jr.‘s sudden exit in late March from the Muriel Bowser cabinet sent the Wilson Building rumor mill swirling. Now police documents obtained by LL help explain that abrupt departure.

According to a police search warrant application for a swab of Elmore’s DNA, the Metropolitan Police Department was investigating Elmore for allegedly sexually abusing a woman in his office. Police used a napkin allegedly full of his semen as evidence in the case.

Elmore hasn’t been charged in the investigation and didn’t respond to LL’s request for comment.

The crime occurred on March 23, according to police. That’s when a woman described as an OVA employee went into the office after-hours to get her bag. She ran into Elmore, according to police records, who asked her into his office and closed the blinds.

From there, Elmore allegedly turned the conversation, asking for a kiss and inviting the employee on a date.

“You never know what you can get from being with a man like me,” Elmore said, according to the search warrant application.

Rebuffed by his employee, according to police documents, Elmore allegedly tried to put his hand under her skirt. When she tried to pull away, Elmore allegedly blocked the door and asked her to “kiss” his penis. Elmore allegedly put her hands on his penis.

“The defendant then placed his own hand over the complainant’s hand and masturbated himself until he ejaculated,” the warrant application reads.

After the alleged attack, the employee used a napkin from the kitchen to wipe Elmore’s semen off her hand, according to the complaint. Three days later, on March 26, she gave the napkin to police. On March 27, LL reported that Elmore was out of a job.

Bowser spokesman Michael Czin declined to comment on a personnel matter.

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Photo by Darrow Montgomery