Dan Snyder
Dan Snyder Credit: Photo by Darrow Montgomery

While D.C. United considers moving to Loudoun County (or at least shaking a few million more dollars out of the city), Muriel Bowser‘s administration is still trying to convince the Pigskins to put their next football stadium in the District.

Thanks to a Freedom of Information Act request, LL has some details on how the city is lobbying the team.

In April, Bowser chief of staff John Falcicchio watched a Nationals game in the mayoral suite with Pigskins Vice President Rod Nenner and made plans for a post-NFL draft discussion with Bowser and Pigskins President Bruce Allen.

So far, the mayor and Pigskins owner Dan Snyder haven’t met face-to-face. Bowser’s staff has been trying to set up a meeting with Pigskins owner Dan Snyder, but mayoral spokesman Michael Czin says the two haven’t talked yet.

“We’re always looking for opportunities to bring employers to the District,” Czin tells LL in an email.

Something about Bowser’s pursuit of the Pigskins has drawn the ire of still another affluent sports baby, Capitals and Wizards owner Ted Leonsis. After Bowser’s staff tweeted about bringing the Pigskins back to the District, the Post wrote about the overwhelmingly negative response. Some part of that displeased Leonsis, inspiring Leonsis general counsel Randall Boe to write an email to Brian Kenner, deputy mayor for planning and economic development, about the story.

“My boss did not react too positively when he saw this,” Boe wrote. In response, Kenner promised that there was “more to it” than the story suggested. LL has no idea what about the article made Leonsis mad.

Unfortunately, the emails don’t illuminate the craziest part of Bowser’s Pigskins pursuit: the idea that she has changed her mind and started calling the team by its actual, racist name in an attempt to convince Snyder to relocate to the District. In an email to top administration staffers, though, Falcicchio didn’t seem concerned about wooing the team even while Bowser’s official position is that the team should change its name.

“Will make the win all the sweeter,” Falcicchio wrote.

Photo by Darrow Montgomery