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The D.C. Council tried out reality TV in the ill-fated Marion Barry show, but now filmmaker Paul DeVeaux wants to take the Wilson Building fictional with a webseries.

Naturally, DeVeaux writes The Council in Godfather font in this teaser. Sitting in front of what looks like a 2012 David Grosso sign, various ersatz councilmembers talk about how they’re each the indispensable pol who turned the District around—and can put it in the dirt again, if they feel like it.

“I’m the straw that stirs the drink,” says one pinstriped power broker-type.

Who will be the king or queen of the Council? LL’s bet is on either this guy, who swallows his scenes whole:

Or this guy (D-Mad Hatter):

DeVeaux doesn’t have a release date yet for his series. Until then, enjoy this ominous rendering of the Wilson Building: