Marion Christopher Barry came in sixth in April’s special election to replace his father in the Ward 8 D.C. Council spot, but he promised to start running for the seat’s 2016 election the next day. It turns out, though, that Barry’s campaign work next year won’t be for himself. In a Facebook post this morning, Barry endorsed one-time election rival Trayon White.

“Our councilman can’t be hand picked for political reason,” Barry writes, an apparent reference to Muriel Bowser favorite and current Ward 8 councilmember LaRuby May. “We need a leader with the voice of OUR people, who understands OUR problems and has solutions with OUR best interest.”

Barry’s continuing legal troubles might help ensure he stays out of the race: An outburst at a Chinatown bank hamstrung his campaign this year. He then spent part of this summer serving weekend jail terms after breaking the terms of his probation.

White, who lost to May by fewer than 100 votes, now works in Karl Racine‘s Office of the Attorney General, a job he would likely have to give up to run for council. White tells LL he hasn’t decided yet on whether he’ll be a candidate next year.

Photo by Darrow Montgomery