At-Large Councilmember Vincent Orange has his first challenger for next year’s Democratic primary, and the new guy isn’t playing around. In a video announcing that he’s joining what could become a crowded field, former Advisory Neighborhood Commissioner David Garber comes right at Orange.

“We simply deserve better,” Garber says of his incumbent opponent in a launch video, before talking about Orange’s rat-related ethics board punishment.

Garber, a 32-year-old former Navy Yard resident who mulled a Ward 6 run last year, now lives in Shaw. A prolific tweeter on urbanism, Garber seems set to court the smart growth set.

Garber registered his campaign on Monday, with gay and environmental activist Bob Summersgill as his treasurer.

Garber likely isn’t the only potential candidate eying Orange, whose poor fundraising and vote totals in last year’s mayoral race left him wounded in the eyes of Wilson Building wags. One person who won’t be competing with Garber and Orange: former attorney general candidate Edward “Smitty” Smith, who bowed out in July.