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UPDATE Dec. 9, 2015: The clock stopped at 1,739 days when the U.S. Attorney announced today the conclusion of the Gray investigation.

How much longer is the U.S. Attorney’s Office going to investigate ex-mayor Vince Gray? Gray has been out of office for seven months and U.S. Attorney Ron Machen has moved on entirely, but Gray still hasn’t been charged or cleared. Even the Post‘s Colby King, once one of Machen’s biggest fans, has had enough.

To keep track of the slog, LL’s introducing the Vince Gray Investigation Clock. On the right sidebar of LL’s blog, you can see the widget, which shows how long Gray has been under investigation. The counter goes from March 6, 2011, the day Sulaimon Brown‘s allegations about the Gray campaign went public.

LL will keep up it until Gray is charged or cleared. Given the rate things are going, that should be a while. (Unfortunately, the sidebar doesn’t load for mobile users, who will be left out of the Vince Gray Investigation Clock experience).

But Gray isn’t the only person whose life has been put on hold. After the jump, what’s next for the investigation’s other characters, who are all awaiting sentencing:

Jeff Thompson 

Crime: Funding the 2010 shadow campaign to elect Gray, a whole lot of other stuff.

Pleaded guilty: March 10, 2014.

Next hearing: Sept. 11, 2015.


Vernon Hawkins

Crime: Organizing the shadow campaign

Pleaded guilty: Aug 13, 2013.

Next hearing: Sept. 9, 2015.


Jeanne Clarke Harris

Crime: Funneling Thompson’s shadow campaign money through her companies.

Pleaded guilty: July 10, 2012.

Next hearing: Sept. 11, 2015.


Mark Long

Crime: Covering up the shadow campaign.

Pleaded guilty: Sept. 5, 2014.

Next hearing: Sept. 8, 2015.


Kelvin Robinson

Crime: Covering up his own Thompson shadow campaign.

Pleaded guilty: June 3, 2014.

Next hearing: Sept. 8, 2015.


Lee Calhoun

Crime: Thompson straw donor.

Pleaded guilty: March 10, 2014.

Next hearing: Sept. 11, 2015.


Stanley Straughter

Crime: Thompson straw donor.

Pleaded guilty: June 24, 2013.

Next hearing: Sept. 11, 2015.

Photo by Darrow Montgomery. Clock by Zach Rausnitz.