Jeff Thompson
Jeff Thompson

Will shadow campaign mastermind Jeff Thompson ever get satisfaction in court? Thompson had a court hearing in his Vince Gray-tied criminal case moved again last week. Now the Washington Business Journal flags a court order, issued late last month, that dismisses Thompson’s counter-lawsuit over his former company.

In January, Thompson sued some District employees and a company tied to the loss of Chartered, Thompson’s former company and the holder of a lucrative city Medicaid contract, alleging that they had schemed to take Chartered over.

Thompson’s complaint eventually became a countersuit to Chartered’s own lawsuit against him for allegedly pillaging it with bogus contracts and loans. But that was a mistake, according to the Aug. 27 ruling from Superior Court Judge John Mott. Because Thompson isn’t suing Chartered directly, his charges against the District employees and the other company don’t amount to a countersuit.

Thompson, who is calling up old debts as he pays big legal bills, can still refile the counterclaim and sue Chartered. Meanwhile, Chartered’s lawsuit against him is still on.
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Photo by Darrow Montgomery