Muriel Bowser and her supporters will have a lot of money to spend in the 2016 D.C. Council races, thanks to big donations to an affiliated political action committee. The Green Team’s “FreshPAC” has raised $304,206.20 so far this year, according to an Office of Campaign Finance filing made last night.

Many of the donations—worth a total of $197,718.20 between August and October—come from exactly the kind of people who would be interested in a PAC that has no limit on its contributions. Out of the 14 people or organizations that made individual contributions worth $10,000 or more, six were affiliated with health organizations, while eight had ties to construction, contracting, or real estate development companies. 

Because it isn’t supporting any candidates this year, FreshPAC has no limit on its contributions until 2016. Only one contributor went beyond $10,000, though. Robert Goodrich, a board member at the health nonprofit Family Matters of Greater Washington, kicked in $20,000.

Besides a returned donation, the PAC’s only major expense in the report is a roughly $2,000 legal payment to go-to Green Team lawyer Thorn Pozen‘s law firm. That means lots of money to spend next year on, in PAC treasurer Ben Soto‘s words, “help [Bowser’s] initiatives.”

Photo by Darrow Montgomery